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▶︎ PLAY ó lamůr 2021 – UTOPIA
▶︎ PLAY ó lamůr 2021
▶︎ PLAY ó lamůr 2021
▶︎ PLAY ó lamůr 2021

▶︎ PLAY ó lamůr 2021

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UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík aka Dlúhé Grefty

playful skin-contact apple-grape co-ferment

UTOPIA cider w. skin-contact of Jára’s Rubra Mixtura

🎧 for better than best experience pair this perlant summer sipper with carefully selected guilty pleasure throwback summer pop hit - Spotify URL conveniently provided on back label

old orchards, no spraying, wild yeasts, no filters, zero sulphites added - this is UTOPIA!

store in dark below 8 °C, enjoy around 10 °C, contains sulphites, but no added, 0,75 I, alc. 8 % vol.