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UTOPIA cider | natural ciders from oak casks

shipping to 23 countries

tvrz sudkuv dul home of utopia cider

welcome to utopia

one of the old orchards that give apples for utopia cider
utopia cider cidermaker ivo laurin pressing apples
young orchard of utopia cider in josafat valley
utopia cider cellar photo by Romana Marie Jokelova

In the age of industrial denaturation of foodstuffs, our ciders emerge close to utopicaly

just bottled utopia ciders
Eva Ivo Laurin

We wanted to eat clean

more about our philosophy

Each cask bears its name, each name bears 300 bottles featuring a unique character

utopia natural cider bottle

Forget cider

taste UTOPIA natural ciders

„Total brainfuck. The most intense acidity you can think of, together with the most intense sweetness. Most amazing satisfaction.“

taste UTOPIA Patience dessert cider
utopia patience dessert ice cider


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Drinking vinegars

taste fine UTOPIA vinegars
utopia cider in forbes

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