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Shipping – UTOPIA



Within Czech Republic, we deliver in boxes of six bottles. Shipping one box anywhere in Czech Republic costs 160 CZK. Second, third, etc. boxes are a bit cheaper. We recommend to order 6, 12, 18, etc. bottles. We will order Messenger immediately upon receipt of your payment. If we register your payment on a business day before 5:00 p.m., Messenger will usually pick up the shipment the next business day and deliver it on the third business day. Messenger will only hand over the shipment to an adult! Transport prices including VAT. 1-6 bottles 169 CZK, 7-12 bottles 250 CZK, 13-18 bottles 330 CZK, 19-24 bottles 410 CZK, 25-30 bottles 490 CZK, 31-36 bottles 570 CZK, 37-42 bottles 650 CZK, 43-48 bottles CZK 730, 49-54 bottles CZK 810, 55 -60 bottles CZK 890


International shipping is charged per 18 bottles. That means if you order 1 bottle, the price for shipping is the same as if you order 18 bottles. We recommend to order 18 bottles, 36 bottles ...

Payments for cider and for shipping are processed in CZK. Although you can view prices and the shopping cart in EUR (click on the currency selector in the lower left corner of your screen), you will still checkout using CZK at the current exchange rate.

Delivery times vary by country, but usually 2-7 working days.

Our delivery partner will deliver to customers of legal drinking age only!

VAT is included in the price of all our ciders and of shipping.

If you live on a remote island or in a similarly remote area, our delivery partner may charge us a Remote Area Surcharge (up to 20 EUR). We are not able to check your ZIP code and charge you a surcharge at the moment of purchase. We will charge you the surcharge before shipping. All ZIP codes that are defined as remote areas are listed here.

If you live in a country where taxes or fees on alcohol imports are required by law (e.g. Finland or Sweden), you accept full responsibility for all declarations and all taxes and all fees associated with your order to your country.


Payments for cider and for shipping are processed in CZK. EUR shipping prices below are indicative (exchange rate 20.1.2021). You can see the prices for cider and shipping in EUR in the shopping cart (click on the currency selector in the lower left corner of your screen). You will still checkout using CZK at the current exchange rate.

Austria 640 CZK (aproximately 24 €)

Belgium 866 CZK (aproximately 33 €)

Croatia 1.058 CZK (aproximately 40 €)

Estonia 885 CZK (aproximately 34 €)

Finland 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

France 866 CZK (aproximately 33 €)

Germany 566 CZK (aproximately 22 €)

Hungary 640 CZK (aproximately 24 €)

Latvia 885 CZK (aproximately 34 €)

Lichtenstein 885 CZK (aproximately 34 €)

Lithuania 885 CZK (aproximately 34 €)

Luxembourg 866 CZK (aproximately 33 €)

Norway 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

Poland 566 CZK (aproximately 22 €)

Portugal 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

Romania 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

Slovakia 400 CZK (aproximately 15 €)

Spain 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

Sweden 1.258 CZK (aproximately 48 €)

Switzerland 885 CZK (aproximately 34 €)