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▶︎ PLAY nono nono nono 2021 – UTOPIA
▶︎ PLAY nono nono nono 2021

▶︎ PLAY nono nono nono 2021

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young PLAY nono nono nono 2021 - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík

slightly sparkling apple-grape coferment from varieties Strýmka, Vilémovo, Bleinheimská reneta, Hájkova reneta, Panenské and crabapple from Jana Jelič, Nuzbely and Podhora orchards - 
cider meets Dlúhé Grefty's Rufus skins.

1 bottle, 0.7 l, alc. 7% vol., contains sulphites, but no added, ie only natural products of fermentation, PLAY is live, store it in a dark, cool place up to 8 ° C, cool before opening and enjoy from a wine glass