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Total brainfuck. The most intense acidity you can think of, together with the most intense sweetness. Most amazing satisfaction.“ said Ania Smelskaya, Head Sommelier of SILO London about Patience.

Dessert ice cider UTOPIA Patience is our only cider with residual sugar. And with a surprising acidity! You may have tasted Patience in dessert pairing of Hiša Franko**, in London in SILOOttolenghi Rovi, Tayer+Elementary, Ikoyi**Brat*, KOL*, or in Evelyn's Table*, in La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise* in Prague or in IRIN Bratislava.

What sets Patience apart from conventional ice ciders, is that despite the huge residual sugar Patience emerges WITHOUT ADDED SULPHITES, WITHOUT FILTRATION, ferments by indigenous cultures, rests 9+ months sur-lie in 225l neutral oak casks, 5 kilos of late varieties make one 0,75 l bottle. The result? Mindblowing richness.

Patience is a slightly cloudy cider of amber color with golden reflections and reasonable concentration with higher viscosity. The aroma is expressive, clean and youthful, with slight oxidative note. The nose is fruity with aromas of green apples, honeycomb and hints of honeysuckle. Patience is full and medium+ sweet. The taste confirms the nose and enriches it with notes of young tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple or passion fruit. All this is supported by a proper acidity, well integrated and in no way distracting or unpleasant. The overall impression is complex and structured, supported by a very long and pleasant aftertaste with longer archival potential (10y+). It is suitable as a digestif or in wine pairings with cheeses or desserts, as already proven in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants. In short, Patience competes with wines and offers a sophisticated alternative even for lovers of classic dessert wines from Tokaj or Sauternes.

Enjoy from wine glass between 8–12 °C.

UTOPIA Patience is live, store in dark, cold place below 8 °C.

1 bottle 0,37 or 0,75 l, alc. 9,5 % vol., contains sulphites, but no added, just natural byproducts of fermentation

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