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Forget cider

Undisquised by usual layers of force carbonation and sweetening, still, dry UTOPIA presents an honest glou-glou experience resembling natural wines rather than conventional ciders.

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Utopic bubbles

Not force-carbonated, but naturally sparkling by in-bottle fermentation of fresh apple juice - petnats, perlants, skin-contacts, in short, bottled fun.

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Highly entertaining, gently sparkling apple-grape co-ferments. Playful cooperations with natural winemakers.

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„Total brainfuck!“

„The most intense acidity you can think of, together with the most intense sweetness. Most amazing satisfaction.“ Ania Smelskaya, Head Sommelier, SILO London about UTOPIA Patience

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Drinking vinegars

Aromatically complex and fine, made using the original slow orleans method.

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Cellar tastings, vouchers

Taste 4 styles of UTOPIA ciders and 8 drinking vinegars. Visit our cask cellar and the uniquely conserved late Gothic fort, a protected cultural monument.

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When our first vintage (2016) was fermenting in casks, not in our wildest dreams did we imagine, that in just a few years people in the US, Denmark, UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Italy would be enjoying our bottles. Thank you Jan, Ondra, Zdeněk, Lucie, Martin, Phil, Jiří, Zain, Ania, Marko, Jára, Milan, Hideharu, Sanna, Karl, Can, Antonio, thank y'all our distributors, festival directors, sommeliers, chefs, winemakers, drinkers and friends. Thank you for making our journey possible. And cheers to La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise* Praha, Eska Praha, Ottolenghi Rovi London, SILO London, Ikoyi** London, Brat* London, KOL* London, Evelyn's Table* London, Hiša Franko**, taubenkobel, IRIN Bratislava and all the places that have poured highland apple wines born in our tiny li’l village.

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