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Slightly sparkling dry cider from the 225 lit oak cask Johana. Primary fermentation finished in bottle. Orchards Podhora, Pacov. Varieties Croncelské, Bleinheimská reneta, Matčino, Wealthy.

old orchards without spraying・spontaneous fermentation by indigenous cultures・no filtration, fining, pasteurisation, force carbonation・no added sulphites, acids, tannins, enzymes, aromas・no preservatives, sterilants or colorants

1x 0,7 l, alc. 7 % vol., contains sulphites, but no added, just natural byproducts of fermentation

UTOPIA is live, store in dark, cold place (below 8°C), enjoy from wine glass between 13 and 16°C - at lower temperature you would deprive yourself of parts of it’s taste and aromatic profile.

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