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UTOPIA natural cider bottles
glass of UTOPIA natural cider

12 bottle holiday tasting set ⛱

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2x still Otýlie 2019, variety: Strýmka, orchard: Podolí u Ratibořských Hor

2x still Anastázie 2019, varieties: Řehtáč Voltmanův, Berlepšova reneta, orchard: Benešov u Černovic

2x sparkling Lidmila 2020 pet nat, varieties: Matčino, Berlepšova reneta, orchard: Černovice

2x sparkling Mariána 2019 perlant, varieties: Croncelské, Champion, McIntosh and seedling, orchard: Černovice

2x PLAY dy dy na na na 2020 - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík aka Dlúhé Grefty - single varietal cider (Grahamovo from Benešov u Černovic) meets Jara’s Alba Rosales skins

2x PLAY ú lalala 2020 - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík aka Dluhe Grefty - cider meets Jara’s Rufus skins

12 bottles, 0.7 l, alc. 7% vol., contains sulphites, but no added, ie only natural products of fermentation

UTOPIA: old orchards without spraying · fermentation by indigenous cultures · 12 months in 225 l neutral oak casks · no filtration, clarification, pasteurization, forcecarbonation · no added sulphites, acids, tannins, enzymes, aromas · no preservatives, sterilants and colorants

UTOPIA is live, store it in a dark, cool place up to 8°C, enjoy it from a wine glass between 13 and 16 ° C

PLAY ú lalala 2020 was made atypically from conventionally grown resistant apple varieties from South Bohemia, apples were bruised by hail and supermarkets did not want them, apples were last sprayed 4 months before harvest, multi-residue pesticide screening in UK laboratories ALS found no detectable traces of pesticides, produced by spontaneous fermentation by indigenous cultures, without filtration, clarification, pasteurization, force carbonation, no added sulphites, sugars, acids, tannins, enzymes, aromas, preservatives, sterilizers, colourings or water, we believe in transparent labeling and informed consumer purchasing decisions.

PLAY is live, store it in a dark, cool place up to 8 ° C, cool before opening and enjoy from a wine glass