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PLAY 2020 tasting 6-pack vol.1
PLAY 2020 tasting 6-pack vol.1
PLAY 2020 tasting 6-pack vol.1
PLAY 2020 tasting 6-pack vol.1

PLAY 2020 tasting 6-pack vol.1

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2020 vol.1

☀️⛱👙 whoop whoop whoop, first 3 bottlings from PLAY 2020 series aka killer-warm-weather-sparklers ready to start leaving the cellar to power your sun-filled mornings, afternoons and nights

▶︎ PLAY lada dýda dádadá - UTOPIA feat. Milan Nestarec - cider meets Milan’s Welschriesling, Rheinriesling and Cab Franc skins 🙌 @milannestarec

▶︎ PLAY na ná nánana - UTOPIA feat. Petr Marada - cider meets Peter’s Blaufränkisch 🙌 @vinomarada

▶︎ PLAY ú lalala - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík aka Dlúhé Grefty - cider meets Jára’s Rufus skins 🙌 @dluhegrefty

☝️for better than best experience pair them perlant summer sippers with 3 guilty pleasure throwback summer pop hits - Spotify short links conveniently provided on back labels

This is the vol.1 6pack. Order now while supplies last. Further releases will follow.

6 bottles 0,7 l of supremely entertaining, slightly sparkling apple-grape coferments, playful collaborations with natural winemakers, two bottles of each of the three different juices, alc. 6-7 % vol.

contains sulphites but no added, i.e. only natural products of fermentation, cider, store in a cool place up to 8 ° C, enjoy around 10 ° C

Made from conventionally grown resistant apple varieties from South Bohemia, apples were bruised by hail and supermarkets did not want them, apples were last sprayed 4 months before harvest, multi-residue pesticide screening in UK laboratories ALS found no detectable traces of pesticides, produced by spontaneous fermentation by wild cultures, without filtration, clarification, pasteurization, force carbonation, no added sulphites, sugars, acids, tannins, enzymes, aromas, preservatives, sterilizers, colourings or water, we believe in transparent labeling and informed consumer purchasing decisions.

PLAY is live, store in dark, cold place (below 8°C), enjoy from wine glass between 8–12 °C